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Sex Addiction in New York City – Time Out New York
January 27, 2012

No, nobody  is addicted to having sex on bridges – but as this is the second mention of the Sex on Bridges club in Time Out New York, it looks like maybe they’re getting addicted to us!

Sex på bro med høj rejsning – (Danish Website)
January 22, 2012

This Danish article has driven more traffic to the site than any other – can someone translate?

And for all you Danes reading –  how are you not having huge amounts of sex on bridges? Scandinavia is known as a pretty sexually liberated place, and you’re an archipelag0  – you’ve got a ton of bridges. Here a list – get going already!

Couple caught climbing Tacoma-Narrows Bridge – Fox News
January 9, 2012

The Sex on Bridges club happens to have it on good authority the couple mentioned in this report were climbing not only with the intention of taking pictures, but also of joining the club!  Look for them in “Hall of Fame” shortly.


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